CEREC Same-Day Crowns

You may be familiar with the traditional method of getting crowns. It’s a two to three week process of getting the impression made, having a temporary inserted, and finally fitting and placing the permanent crown. If the crown doesn’t fit just right, the crown is returned to the lab and the procedure starts all over again!

Crowns Made While You Wait

Fortunately, dental technology has changed all this and our patients in Wellington, Colorado can enjoy CEREC, same-day crowns. With Wellington Family Dentistry, your CEREC dentist in Wellington, you can now have a perfect-fitting crown that looks natural and functions like a real tooth. With CEREC™ technology, our Wellington office can create a permanent crown in just a few minutes!

Using the CEREC in-house computer-aided design system, we can mill and produce the crown with astonishing accuracy and speed. No more waiting and return trips to the dentist. The entire process takes only about an hour and a half. You no longer have to endure the time and inconvenience of an impression, a temporary, or a second visit; and the crown is cosmetically perfect and functionally satisfying. Dr. David Pringle stains and paints each crown to your unique tooth characteristics. He is an accomplished artist in his own right and applies his skills and aesthetic eye to create a perfect crown for you.

The restoration begins with a special HD scan of your teeth; then it is shown on our computer screen. From this image, Dr. Pringle designs the crown and the CEREC system creates it, perfectly. The new crown is bonded to the surface of the tooth and the procedure is completed.


If you think you need a crown, please call Wellington Family Dentistry at (970) 568-0030 for a beautiful, same-day CEREC crown.

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