Dental Bridge

A dental bridge joins 3 or more dental crowns together to replace multiple missing teeth. Two dental crowns on the existing teeth function as a “bridge” where a false tooth is held between them as a replacement of the missing tooth. Occasionally bridges will have several more teeth on them, but it depends on the health of the existing teeth and bone.

Bridges allow you to have multiple dental crowns so you can chew as you normally would before the tooth (or teeth) was lost. Placing a permanent bridge in the empty space prevents your adjoining teeth from shifting inward toward the space left by the missing teeth. Bridges are a lower-cost alternative to dental implants while providing the same aesthetic benefits.

A bridge can be a reasonable alternative to dental implants because implants can be expensive and are not always possible, due to bone health. Removable partial dentures may be easier to clean, but you may prefer a fixed appliance, such as a bridge, that is fixed and more stable.

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